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Moving existing iSCSI traffic to other NICs?

  • 1.  Moving existing iSCSI traffic to other NICs?

    Posted Apr 02, 2014 01:47 PM

    I have a single vSphere5 Essentials server that is connected to an iSCSI SAN. I'm using vCenter to manage it currently. It was originally hooked up directly to our regular LAN and the SAN is on there also. We are now noticing some issues with the traffic and have opted to try and segregate the traffic to a separate LAN. We just grabbed a quick physical switch because our existing ones aren't configured for vLANs.

    So I currently have eth0 on our vSphere server plugged into our regular LAN so I can manage it ( static IP).

    On the vSphere server I have eth1 and eth2 plugged into a separate switch ( and

    on the SAN I have 2 connections into my LAN (,

    I added 2 more connections for the separate iSCSI traffic that I want to move to ( and

    I added two vSwitches (vSwitch1-eth1 and vSwitch2-eth2) and assigned it the IP as mentioned above. How can I tell the iSCSI traffic to use that now?

    I see that I can go into my networking adapters and assign the vSwitch to the iSCSI adapters highlighted in the screenshot below. Currently my top most adapter is bound to my vSwitch0.

    Also I have 3 datastores on the SAN that are connected. Will those reconnect seamlessly if I do this? Hoping to not have much downtime even in this small environment.

    Any advice would be appreciated!