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  • 1.  Misunderstanding ESXi Start Delay..

    Posted Jun 14, 2021 12:17 PM


    I'm trying to understand Automatic VM Start setting in ESXi.

    In the image linked above there are 2 Start Delay options, highlighted in Blue and Red.

    My understanding is as follows, do correct me where I'm wrong.

    The Blue highlighted Start Delay tells how soon do the VMs start after the Host has booted up.

    The Red highlighted Start Delay tells how soon the VMs start after one another.

    Is my understanding correct ?

    Because if the Blue highlighted Start Delay says Start Delay of 60 sec, and the 1st VM has a Start Delay of 15 sec, does this mean the VM is going to start after 60 + 15 sec

    Also a second question.

    The Red highlighted Start Delay for the VMs is the time delay to start between VMs depending on the Autostart Order or the time to wait to boot after the ESXi Host has booted up.

    The the reason for the above question is because I had set VM named D-UNT-STRG-01 to start after 15 sec and VM D-ESX-APP-01 to start after 750 sec, but what happened was that just as  D-UNT-STRG-01 started soon after it D-ESX-APP-01 started as well when it was suppose to wait for 8 or so mins before starting up.

    Could anyone make it simple to understand.

    Thank You

  • 2.  RE: Misunderstanding ESXi Start Delay..
    Best Answer

    Posted Jun 14, 2021 03:29 PM
    Heartbeat was the main issue, turned it off and now the VMs boot with the set time.
    As for Delay Start highlighted in Red is the time to wait for the next VM in the Autostart Order to boot.