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  • 1.  Maintenance Window for VmCPUUsageAlarm on specific VM?

    Posted Mar 19, 2019 02:49 PM

    I am running vSphere 6.5 and applying my alarms at the VCSA level.  They are fine for a few hundred VMs, but we have 1 VM that is pegged during a specific time in the early morning every day.  It is a specific job and we are not wanting to add more vCPUs, etc.  Is there a way to create an exception for the emails we get from this specific VM during a specific time window?

  • 2.  RE: Maintenance Window for VmCPUUsageAlarm on specific VM?

    Posted Apr 01, 2019 02:26 AM

    Hi drheim,

    You are probably not going to like this but this is what I did to resolve a similar issue where we need to disable alarms for periods of time. In our case it was for our SQL servers during backups so we did the following:

    1. Created a VM folder and put the VMs in here

    2. Created an alarm definition for this folder with the appropriate Triggers and Actions

    3. Create scheduled task to run a PowerShell script called "ManageAlertsDefinitions" at set times to ENABLE and DISABLE the alarm

    The script I used is pretty basic and rough however here is it:

    Start-Transcript -Path c:\scripts\ManageAlertsDefinitions.log -Append

    $Alarms = "Virtual Machine CPU usage for SQL"
    $EnableHour = "06"
    $DisableHour = "22"

    $vcServer = "myvcenter"

    Function Test-AlarmState {
         Param( $alarm )

         $AlarmState = Get-AlarmDefinition -Name $alarm | Select-Object Enabled
         return $AlarmState.Enabled

    Connect-VIServer -Server $vcServer

    Switch ( (Get-Date -UFormat %H) ) {

         "$EnableHour" {

              Foreach ($alarm in $Alarms) {

                   If ( !(Test-AlarmState($alarm)) ) {

                   Set-AlarmDefinition -AlarmDefinition "$alarm" -Enabled:$True 

          "$DisableHour" {

              Foreach ($alarm in $Alarms) {

                   If ( Test-AlarmState($alarm) ) {

                        Set-AlarmDefinition -AlarmDefinition "$alarm" -Enabled:$False    

    Disconnect-VIServer -Confirm:$False

    There are a couple of variables to update:

    1. $Alarms vairable with the name of your alarm definition
    2. $EnableHour and $DisableHour variables
    3. $vcServer variable with the name of the vCenter server

    The script should be parameterized, so if you find it useful then we could modify.

    Kind regards.