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  • 1.  LSI MegaRAID Manager

    Posted Oct 05, 2018 07:19 AM


    I have an HPE ML350 Gen10 with a LSI-based HPE Smart Array P824i-p MR.

    This controler cannot be managed by HPE tools kile iLO, Intelligent Provisionning or HPE Smart Storage Administrator.

    The disks status cannot be shown too by this tools and Esxi too.

    I have installe the CMIS LSI provider from brocade.

    (for info, you need to remove the Intel_bootbank_intelcim-provider_0.5-3.3 vib before)

    After that, ESXi can view all information about the Storage, but only on the host, no information from vCenter (that is normal because vCenter don't read CMIS information)

    So i, tried to remove a disk, ESXi host view the degraded status but no alarm from vCenter

    I tried to install LSI MegaRaid manager on a Windows Server, but It cannot found the host. CIM ports are open on the esxi's firewall.

    Have you an idea for LSI MegaRaid manager to view Storage information on the esxi host ?

    thanks for your help,