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  • 1.  Load persistant store failed

    Posted May 03, 2010 06:50 AM


    A week ago I suddenly lost snmp connection to our two esxi 4 hosts. Previously I was able to monitor them with Zenoss but now I can't get through with snmp. I don't remember doing any configuration or updating on the hosts just before the problem came up. I only tried SolarWinds VM Monitor software but I can't understand how it could have messed something up. And for the record even the SolarWinds couldn't connect to the hosts.

    When checking the snmp setting with vMA virtual machine I get the following:

    vicfg-snmp --server <serverip> --username root -s

    Enter password:

    Current SNMP agent settings:

    Enabled : 0

    UDP port : 161

    Communities :

    Notification targets :

    And when trying to enable snmp agent I get:

    vicfg-snmp --server <serverip> --username root -E

    Enter password:

    Enabling agent...

    Failed : A general system error occurred: Load persistant store failed

    Host's /etc/vmware/snmp.xml says:





    <targets><serverip>@161 public</targets>

    <targets><serverip>@161 public</targets>

    <targets><serverip>@161 public</targets>


    So what am I doing wrong? Im really stuck here. Google won't give me much answers for "Load persistant store failed" -error.

  • 2.  RE: Load persistant store failed

    Posted May 18, 2010 01:34 PM


    you can only enabled SNMP if the ESXi 4 Server is in EVAL-Mode.

    Delete your License-Key and set the ESXi 4 Server in EVAL-Mode.

    Then you can enable SNMP.



  • 3.  RE: Load persistant store failed

    Posted Jun 10, 2010 07:00 PM

    That's right. You must first enable SNMP using the Evaluation license and then you can configure targets and ports usind Remote CLI. However, I could do that in two ESXi servers, but not in the third one. Those three servers are managed by vCenter Server.

    Any idea? I restarted all services after modifying snmp.xml file by executing "/sbin/ restart" and then start again

  • 4.  RE: Load persistant store failed

    Posted Dec 08, 2010 01:24 PM

    The "load persistant store failed" error seems to come from a pre-populated /etc/vmware/snmp.xml file using a wrong syntax.

    My mistakes were:

    - snmpSettings (the second "s" is a capital letter), make sure to change opening and closing elements

    - the targets parameter has syntax


    (note the slash in between, a space won't work)