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  • 1.  license

    Posted Oct 17, 2022 04:51 PM

    Hi I am very new to ESXI

    We are about to buy a vSphare and Vcenter
    I have some questions in my mind before purchasing the product

    How i can evaluate a best licenses for My On-Prem servers
    If i have 2 servers each having 2 CPU and 32 cores which would be the best license

    Do i need to buy V centre License separately


  • 2.  RE: license

    Posted Oct 17, 2022 05:04 PM

    Take a look VMware vSphere Essentials.

    'The vSphere Essentials Kit licenses are perpetual and does not expire. It includes 6 CPU licenses of vSphere Essentials (for 3 servers with up to 2 processors each) and 1 license for vCenter Server Essentials'

    I use 2 x Dell R720 for VMs and a repurposed Intel Nuc for vCenter.

  • 3.  RE: license

    Posted Oct 17, 2022 06:19 PM

    The best way for evaluating the Software is by using the evaluation period of 60 days after initial installation and powering on the ESXi and vCenter.

    The type of the vSphere Edition depends on your needs or to make it short if you have a shared storage around to technically use of VMware HA, vMotion or other stuff?

    If not than the small Essentials Bundles should be the right one (around 500 bucks onetime costs and 65 for every year to take the Subscription alive(give you every new version for free).
    The main reason for customer who buy this is to unlock the APIs to get 3rd. party Backups working and getting a vCenter.

    If yes... maybe the Essential PLUS Bundle should be the right one. But costs goes up to 4000,- for license and 1600,- for a 3Y Support and Subscription. Please take notice the SUPPORT.