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  • 1.  LG Hi-Fi Plus with VMware Workstation will definitely cause my computer blue screen

    Posted 25 days ago

    I have a LG Hi-Fi Plus, i use it as my external headphone DAC, but i can't connect it to the computer when using the VMware Workstation, which will instantly cause a blue screen on my computer (DPC Watchdog Violation). I think it may be caused by driver conflict. How can i report this bug?

  • 2.  RE: LG Hi-Fi Plus with VMware Workstation will definitely cause my computer blue screen

    Posted 25 days ago

    I had to look the LG Hi-Fi up to even see what it was.

    You need to provide more information for someone to be able to make suggestions on a fix.

    With the restructuring of VMWare, at this point I personally don't know how you would report a bug, unless you had an Active Subscription to Broadcoms VMWare.

    Provide information like:

    Version of VMWare installed and the Host Operating System.

    What are the Host and VM Operating Systems and their versions.

    Is your device connecting to your Host operating system or your VM.

    Do you have the updated drivers for the operating system your device is connecting to.

    When you are not running VMWare, your device IS connected to your Host box.

    When you launch VMWare without starting an actual VM does your device still work?

    If it does work, start an actual VM, if you Blue screen, is it only the VM that Blue Screens or is it the Host that Blue Screens?

    Thinking your device is attached via. USB, if your device works before starting an Actual VM, you need to make sure the device does not disconnect from the Host and attach to the VM. In VMWare you usually get a warning when a device is going to be disconnected from the Host and Connected to the VM. If at one time you saw this and selected, connect to VM and then checked, don't show this again, that may be why you don't see a warning.

    Aside from that, if you plug the device into the Host box before starting a VM and the device gets forcefully removed from the Host that may be crashing the Host OS because of the way the driver was written. If you want the device connected to the VM, try plugging it in After the VM is running and look for the prompt asking if you want to connect to the Host or the VM, select the proper running VM and go from there. If you are connecting it to a VM, make sure the appropriate driver is installed.

    Good Luck.