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  • 1.  KMS Provider Downtime whats happen

    Posted Feb 02, 2023 09:18 AM



    does anyone know how often the Endpoint validate / get a new Key from the KMS System.?

    I Connect my vSphere KMS KMIP, and would like to know what happen if the KMS Solution are going down?

    Can i not deploy new Servers, i guess not, but whats happens with the existing onces, does it stop work instantly or did it check every End of Day or depend these on the OS?


    Is it possible to Dry run this or see for windows server in the event viewer?

    Unfortunately these documentation is missing only it recommends the real time KMS backup. 


    Greets Richard

  • 2.  RE: KMS Provider Downtime whats happen

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 02, 2023 09:22 AM

    I have reported your post to the moderators, asking them to move it to the vSphere area.