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  • 1.  Issue with DLINK DES1252 switches?

    Posted Sep 19, 2011 06:06 AM

    This one has got me stumped, if I switch on my new exsi 5 install it wont boot into the management ip, the only way I can get it to take the static ip, is to test the management setting and wait for the failures and then turn the switch off at the wall and back on, when ready, test again and it'll return ok's, I can then jump on the box and start up my vm's.  If I set the server to start the vm's automatically they do start and I presume they'll take a 169 range address although havent tested this yet. Sometimes even this doesnt work, so is a bit hit and miss.

    My shiney new server is a HP ML370G6 with the NETXen HP NC375i Quad port nic and the optional NETXen HP NC375T PCI Quad port nic, management section does detect all the ports correctly however it only detect the onboad nic as a 100mb and the optional one is detected as a 1000, all 8 ports are supposed to gigabit.

    Any ideas please or if you need any further just shout. Thinking about configuring a little dhcp server to give this an ip and take it off static just to try???



  • 2.  RE: Issue with DLINK DES1252 switches?

    Posted Sep 19, 2011 07:13 PM

    All the info I could pull up on that dlink switch states it's a 10/100 (across all but FOUR ports, that are 1Gb)...

    I would try with a known good L2/L2+/L3 Gb switch to see if it can communicate properly. Chances are, it's the cheap switch that's the culprit here. Especially since at least your additional NIC IS on the HCL. I suspect the onboard NIC is as well.

    I wouldn't try DHCP for the host since you SHOULD have it with a fixed IP address. I would setup an AD controller so that you can put it into DNS and then be able to use the FQDN to connect to it.

    If this is a home lab environment, I would pawn the dlink switch on someone else and get a HP 2510G switch (full 1GB across 20 ports with 4 1GB ports sharing with GBIC's). That switch is a L2/L2+ model, so you'll be able to do a LOT more with it. Besides, it has full CLI on/in it, not just a crappy web-based management interface... Oh, and something else to consider... The HP switch comes with a LIFETIME warranty on it... As long as YOU own it, they cover it fully. Doesn't matter if that's three years or thirty years, it's covered.

    Personally, you couldn't give me any dlink network hardware.

  • 3.  RE: Issue with DLINK DES1252 switches?

    Posted Oct 01, 2011 04:37 PM

    Thanks for that reply, have just upgraded the firmware on the 2 switches in question and my problem has gone away. Very strange but glad we're ok now.