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ISCSI throughput configuration

  • 1.  ISCSI throughput configuration

    Posted Mar 21, 2012 04:27 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    I am connecting to NetApp storage from my esxi hosts through ISCSI and have some questions about the optimal setup.

    I have up to 4 1gb NICS to use for the connectivity and am looking for the best throughput I can achieve.  I am confused what setup would give the best utilization of all the NICS.  Currently I am using 2 nics setup iwth vmk ports and bonded via ISCSI initiator.  The path selection is round robin based on my active/active Storage array.

    1.  Are 4 nics bonded via ISCSI initiator going to give better performance or will the host only use some of the nics?  I will have a 1 to 1 ratio of vmk's to physical nics, setup with 1 active and the rest unavailable.

    2.  Will creating multiple target ips on the Netapp side give me better performance?  If so, how many should I create?  If not, what is the benefits of having more targets?  Just for redundancy and not performance?

    3.  Should I be able to see simultaneous traffic over all the nics that are bonded?  If so, what would be a decent test of that?  Kick of multiple svotiom operations?

    Much thanks in advance guys,