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  • 1.  installing a second PSC v6 Problem and Questions

    Posted Jan 11, 2016 02:04 PM

    Hi Guys,

    SO I have installed a PSC and vCenter using the external deployment model, basically it was an upgrade from 5.1 to 6.0u1

    We have a site at a diffferent location, and I want to try out linked mode, linked mode worked fine in 5.1, but it obviously has changed with the PSC.

    Now when I created a 2nd PSC (External) I have the option to use the existing Default First Site or create a new site. When I create a new site Default Second SIte , the installer starts installing but fails  at "VCSServerManager Starting VMware Authentication Framework it fails, with an unrecoverable error 1603"  - See attached screenshot

    I have enabled Named-Pipe and TCP/IP protocol settings in the config manager  in SQL manager for our external database and the ipv4 stack is fine and sysadmin is seelcted for the vcenter user on the database, as per the various articles I have read on the issue but the issue still persists.

    When I run the installer and use the existing Default First Site, the install completes without any problem?! I find this pretty bizarre.

    The reason I want to create a second site is because as per vCenter Server 6 Deployment Topologies and High Availability - VMware vSphere Blog - VMware Blogs

    Multiple Site vCenter Server and PSC basic Architecture:

    In this configuration each site is independent with PSC replication between sites. The vCenter Server is aware of the site topologies and use the local PSC under normal circumstances. Customers are able to seamlessly move the vCenter Servers between PSCs when necessary. This topology allows for Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) which is facilitated by the PSC. Enhanced Linked Mode provides for a single point of management for all vCenter Servers in the same vSphere domain. In vSphere 6 the Windows-based and Virtual Appliance-based vCenter Servers have the same operational maximums and can belong to the same linked mode configuration. The configuration replicates all license, global permissions, tags and roles across all sites.

    So I can have an external PSC at each site to go with their local vCenters, and use Enhanced Linked mode.

    What is the difference between using the Default First Site instead of creating a secondary site, from a SSO perspective? From what I can tell its exactly the same. The only difference is you would have have a visual representation of where it is geographically. But the feature set would be exactly the same and the replication would be exactly the same?

    Regardless of what Site you would still be under one SSO Domain, and could use Enhanced vMotion?


  • 2.  RE: installing a second PSC v6 Problem and Questions

    Posted Jun 24, 2016 01:54 PM

    bump...any updates on this?

    I am waist deep in PSC setups currently and I would like to compare with what you are going through. (I have external Windows PSCs in HA setups)