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How to monitor Solaris Cluster with Hyperic

  • 1.  How to monitor Solaris Cluster with Hyperic

    Posted Feb 01, 2013 02:24 PM


    I would like to know the solution to monitor applications in a Solaris Cluster (Active / Passive cluster) with Hyperic.

    Should I install an Hyperic agent on both nodes? or only one agent in the cluster environement?

    My feeling is that if I install agent on both nodes, agent on the passive node will always trigger alerts, which is not a good solution.

    But if I install one on the cluster environment, I fear that if nodes are switched, the agent after re-starting on the second node will be maybe not recognized by Hyperic Server (if the node name is different for example)

    Does anybody have already experienced this kind of deployement? any idea?

    Many thanks in advance to anybody who can help.