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  • 1.  Hot swapping SATA drives?

    Posted Oct 10, 2013 11:34 AM

    Hello all,

    New to VMware vSphere Hypervisor... I'm interested in replacing three workstations with one monster workstation. 

    I frequently turn my three workstations on and off to add and remove SATA drives - each workstation has three front-facing SATA bays that makes this easy to do.  I'm wondering how or if I could handle this requirement if I run three instances of Windows 7 on a single workstation running VMware vSphere?  I'll need to add and remove SATA drives frequently (for all of the Windows 7 instances) and am wondering if there is a sane way to do this.  Disk I/O is extremely important, so I wouldn't be able to (for example) throw six SATA drives (with each Windows 7 instance connected to two of them) in one eSATA enclosure because the performance would be horrible... Maybe I would need six eSATA enclosures, one for each drive?