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  • 1.  Hot Clone failure at 2% finally resolved!

    Posted Jun 19, 2007 01:50 PM

    My setup:

    Dell 2950 running ESX with an MD1000 attached storage array.

    Note: This server is remotely located in another case.

    My Process: RDP to the 2003 server that I want to convert, install VMware Converter, go through the GUI, and let the app run. Well, it would fail at 2% everytime.

    Fix: RDP and VMware converter do not work very nicely together. So what you have to do is connect to the console

    (ie. from start -> run "mstsc / /console'')

    Next you need to authenticate using local administrator credentials, no domain authentication.

    So after I logged in like this, I ran the Converter tool, and I'll be damned if it didnt clone straight to my ESX 3.0 server via VC.

    Hopefully this helps out some people, I thought I was going insane....

  • 2.  RE: Hot Clone failure at 2% finally resolved!

    Posted Jun 19, 2007 10:05 PM


    I was using the private network interface for communication to my VC. So you have to go into your Advanced Network Setting and set the Network Adapater that you are going to use at the top of the Binding Order!

    to get there:

    Open up your Network Connections, click Advanced, click Advanced Settings, then under the "Adapters and Bindings" tab, put which ever NIC you are going to be using to transfer the image to your VC or ESX to the top of the list.

    let me know if this has helped any one out!!