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  • 1.  Host Profiles + SATPs

    Posted Oct 27, 2020 05:58 PM


    I am trying to configure the DefaultPSP for three SATPS , so in the host profile in "SATP Default PSP Configuration" I removed everything except the three SATPs I want to configure with the host profile, when I attach the host profile to the host it shows I have 10 compliance failures so it seems even though I don't have all the SATPs in the host profile it is considering them and marking them as not in compliance

    My Host Profile

    The compliance report of my host

    So why if I don't have for example VMW_SATP_ALUA in the host profile,  it is checking it? same for the other 9 SATPs

    What would it happen if I try to remediate?, is it going to try to change them even thought I did not put them in my host profile?

    What would I need to do so all SATPs are ignored except the three I want to change?

    Thanks in advance, regards