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  • 1.  help with powercli error message

    Posted May 20, 2013 01:46 AM

    $path = @()

    $cluster = 'cluster_01'

    $parent = Get-View $cluster.ExtensionData.ResourcePool

    while ($parent.parent){ 

        $parent = Get-View $parent.parent

        $path += $parent.Name


    Why am I getting this error message?

  • 2.  RE: help with powercli error message
    Best Answer

    Posted May 20, 2013 04:40 AM

    Hello, -

    The problem there is that you are making the cluster variable a string value, rather than something that represents a cluster object.

    Instead of the previous line (the 2nd line), try it like:

    $cluster = Get-Cluster 'cluster_01'

    Then the third line should succeed.  That do it for you?