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  • 1.  Get-SCSILun runtimename ESXi 6

    Posted Nov 04, 2015 01:28 PM

    I am trying to run the following command against a ESXi 6 host

    Get-SCSILun -VMhost “esx01” -LunType Disk | Select CanonicalName,CapacityGB,runtimename

    however the runtimename is always blank under esxi 6.0

    runs fine for 5.0 which has the same LUNs mounted

    running the latest version of powercli

    any ideas?

  • 2.  RE: Get-SCSILun runtimename ESXi 6

    Posted Jun 28, 2016 12:42 PM

    were you able to figure this out ?

  • 3.  RE: Get-SCSILun runtimename ESXi 6

    Posted Jul 26, 2016 05:36 AM

    I'm having the same problems beefy. Have tried the solutions shown in Why is the Get-ScsiLun RuntimeName field always empty in PowerCLI 6.0 and how do I get a LunID, now? but to no avail. After looking around I found this page:

    Get-ScsiLunPath - vSphere PowerCLI Cmdlets Reference

    From here I cludged things together and got:

    Get-ScsiLun -VMHost -luntype disk | Get-ScsiLunPath | select LunPath,ScsiLun | Sort-Object LunPath

    The output looks like this:

    LunPath                    ScsiLun

    -------                         -------

    vmhba32:C0:T0:L0   mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L100 naa.60a9800042553567322b366877523769

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L101 naa.60a9800042553567322b366877523765

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L102 naa.60a9800042553567322b366877523671

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L110 naa.60a9800042553567322b36687752376d

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L111 naa.60a9800042553567322b36687752376f

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L112 naa.60a9800042553567322b366877523771

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L113 naa.60a9800042553567322b366877523773

    vmhba33:C0:T0:L114 naa.60a9800042553567322b366877523775



    While I was building up the command, it complained at me: "WARNING: The 'LunPath' property of ScsiLun type is deprecated. Use the 'Name' property instead." But doesn't moan about it when I use the whole line. BTW: the command takes a few minutes to come back to you since it has to work its way through all the disks, then sort. If you want the list faster, but unsorted just drop the last pipe. If you want a look at the unbridled output try this:

    Get-ScsiLun -VMHost -luntype disk | Get-ScsiLunPath | Export-Csv D:\zGarbage\LUNid2.csv

    I hope this helps.




    I'm running the following versions:


    Major  Minor  Build  Revision

    -----  -----  -----  --------

    5      0      10586  494


    VMware vSphere PowerCLI 6.3 Release 1 build 3737840