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  • 1.  Functional Design, VM Web-Application

    Posted Oct 19, 2009 05:30 PM
    hallo folk!

    i am new in Virtual Machines sphere, and need help in writing functional design of my project. Project is - to write a web-inrweface in internet system, where users could create/make configurations,modification their own virtual machines. application must use esx server and vmlogix lab manager.

    i myself must decide what functions will it have. here are some i have thought of:

    - user must have username and password to login.

    -user must be able to make changes with his/her account.

    -one user can only create max. 10 virtual machines from all the templates, which application contains.

    - user can not download any other softwares or programs, or change any OS.

    - user can start/stopr his/her VM

    - user can view status of his/her VM (running/stopped)


    please, if there is anybody, who is spesialized in these sphere, help to list any other functions...

    apprreciate your help in advance,


  • 2.  RE: Functional Design, VM Web-Application

    Posted Oct 22, 2009 10:25 AM


    Have you tried to have a look at the vShpere web access? I think there is what you are after and also more options that you can configure using the roles and permissions?

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