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ESXi6 - whitebox suggestions?

  • 1.  ESXi6 - whitebox suggestions?

    Posted Apr 11, 2015 10:01 PM

    I'd like to replace my (old) VM infrastructure with the newer whitebox running ESXi 6 Free.

    I'd like a suggestion on supported motherboard, cpu and videocard (if not built-in).

    The main requirements I have for it:

    - it should support at least 32Gb (64-Gb is better, but optional) of RAM

    - it should be quiet, preferably with less than 400W PSU. I plan to use a case with really quiet fans as well.

    - it should be stable and relatively simple to install (preferably, direct support by ESXi 6 for main hardware)

    Video or CPU performance does not matter. The box will be used primarily to run low-CPU high-RAM usage VMs with certain products that I will be using, such as Oracle, MySQL and/or SQL databases on Linux and Windows guests, Win7/Win8 guests with VPN clients.

    Sounds support does not matter. All disks will be either internal SATA SSDs/HDDs or external USB 2 or 3 (I can convert them to eSATA if I have to).

    I'd like the server to be cheap (e.g. using non-ECC DDR3 RAM), but stability is much more important. I do not plan to OC it either.

    Thank you,