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  • 1.  ESXi Upgrade Question

    Posted Aug 06, 2021 07:43 PM

    We are running ESXi, 6.5.0, 7388607 on a Dell R630 server. I would like to update it to ESXi, 6.5.0, 8294253 to match two other hosts in the organization. The Image Profile on all 3 servers is (Updated) DellEMC-ESXi-6.5U1-7388607-A07.

    I would like to not lose the existing host config. 

    I am planning to download the build 8294253 ISO from Dell and running an upgrade install.

    Would this method preserve the existing host configuration? Would this be the cleanest method to perform the update or would a patch update require fewer steps?


  • 2.  RE: ESXi Upgrade Question

    Posted Aug 07, 2021 07:19 AM

    If you boot a ESXi Installer like the Dell Custom ISO you will have to select if you would like to upgrade a existing installation or a fresh new install. Nothing changed here and there is no different between a Custom ISO or the original VMware ISO.

    This ISO can be loaded through iDRAC/CDROM our with the help of VUM.

    But to save time i suggest to download the Dell Custom OfflineBundle*.zip  and upload it into a Datastore. If you place the Host into MM and run "esxcli software vib update -d /full/path/to/*.zip" it will upgrade your Host within seconds and after a reboot youre ready to go.



  • 3.  RE: ESXi Upgrade Question

    Posted Aug 07, 2021 09:18 PM

    Thank you for your reply.

    I haven't used the offline bundle previously but it appears to meet my needs. I'll give it a look.