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  • 1.  ESXi Backups

    Posted Sep 02, 2016 04:53 PM

    Hi folks!

    So I have the great luck of inheriting a small (3 server) esxi farm that I need to upgrade and clean up.  I also dont have the ESXI root passwords!!!

    Does anybody know of a way to pull server configuration back ups so that once i reload ESXI on it I wont have to go through the hassle of manually re-building all the settings from scratch?

    This is also VMware standard license so i cant do profiles.

    On a side note, and i am doubtful, but, since i can see that the NTP is shut down and the time is off, can this cause the root passwords that they swear are it not function?

    Lastly, would setting up AD help me by pass lack of root password?

  • 2.  RE: ESXi Backups

    Posted Sep 03, 2016 01:56 AM

    How do you login to ESXi Currently?

    Do you have vCenter server? if Yes, you can use PowerCLI to export ESXi configuration.

    see below KB for different options to backup and restore esxi configuration.

    Backing up and restoring ESXi configuration using the vSphere Command-Line Interface and vSphere PowerCLI (2042141) | VM…

    NTP and root password has no connection.