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ESXi 7 Lab Running on Workstation 16 - A couple of Issues

  • 1.  ESXi 7 Lab Running on Workstation 16 - A couple of Issues

    Posted Nov 10, 2021 04:38 PM
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm creating a lab on linux with Workstation 16, and there are a couple of issues as follows:
    1. Each time the screen saver kicks in (presumably into power save mode) when the pc returns DNS is broken to the virtualised DNS server on the bridged network. DNS to the main DNS server is fine and I can also ping the virtualised DNS server, just no resolution until I disconnect the network and reconnect. Annoying. Does anyone know what's happening here?
    2. I can create a iSCSI connection to virtual storage on the management network no problem whether this is on the bridged LAN or the dedicated storage LAN which is on a host-only network, but I can't get storage to work on a port group that I set up for that purpose. I created a new port group, created a vmknic with an address on the storage network, and created a vswitch for the traffic, assigned a physical adapter that is on that same host-only network. Clearly there is something about that collection that is incorrect because the storage is accessible no problem from the management network, but I've stared at it for many hours, rebuilt the ESXi boxes 3 times and I can't find the issue. If someone can see what's going on from what I've written, I'd be very appreciative of the guidance.
    Client version:


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    16.2.0 build-18760230