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Error When Setting ipv4 address in vmkernel

  • 1.  Error When Setting ipv4 address in vmkernel

    Posted Feb 11, 2014 03:08 PM


    I am running ESXi 5.5 and I am having an issue when trying to set an ipv4 address on a separate vswitch.  When I try to add the vmkernel with a static IP, I get the following error:

    Operation failed, diagnostics report: /usr/lib/vmware/rp/bin/configRP decreaseRPMemMaxSize dhclient 9 :failed

    VMware KB: Attempts to remove VMkernel network interface result in error

    I scoured around, but I could not find anything besides this KB article to address this error, but it does not help me.

    I was able to add the vmkernel by not setting an IP and selecting DHCP, but I continue getting errors when I make any changes to the ipv4 addresses or if I try to remove the vmkernel.  I have no issues making changes to the ipv6 address.  I have rebooted the ESXi host and also tried creating a new vswitch with a new vmkernel, but ran into the same problem.

    Here is the output from the configRP.log:

    1392127426: Execute ['increaseRPMemMaxSize', 'dhclientrelease', '9']

    1392127426: Increase resource pool size for host/vim/vmvisor: ['min=9', 'max=9']

    1392127426: Get group ID of host/vim/vmvisor

    1392127426: Increase resource pool size for host/vim/vmvisor/dhclientrelease: ['min=0', 'max=9']

    1392127426: Get group ID of host/vim/vmvisor/dhclientrelease

    1392127426: increaseRPMemMaxSize took 0.000543117523193 seconds

    1392127431: Execute ['decreaseRPMemMaxSize', 'dhclient', '9']

    1392127431: Decrease resource pool size for host/vim/vmvisor/dhclient: ['min=0', 'max=9']

    1392127431: Get group ID of host/vim/vmvisor/dhclient

    1392127431: Could not decrease reservation of host/vim/vmvisor/dhclient by 9 MB.

    1392127431: Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "/usr/lib/vmware/rp/bin/configRP", line 909, in <module>


      File "/usr/lib/vmware/rp/bin/configRP", line 852, in decreaseRPMemMaxSize

        raise e

    ValueError: Bad parameter

    I have attached the configRP.log and the configRP script that it references.

    Hopefully someone can help me out. I've been wrestling with this for days.