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Error Hostname verficaction - Skyline

  • 1.  Error Hostname verficaction - Skyline

    Posted Jul 14, 2021 03:22 PM

    Hello everybody,

    I tried to perform a vmwakre Skyline deployment but when verifying the hostname it indicated the following error:


    The client indicates that it does not have a proxy server. Could this be a problem not having a proxy server?

    Additionally, I have performed ping communication tests from the vmware skyline console with the root user to the domain of and and it responds to ping successfully.


    Additionally, it also responds to ping with the vCenter, with the DNS servers, it also resolves by IP and name the skyline vm. The records are created on the client's DNS server.

    Maybe it could be your communication problem with the client's firewall? Any rule blocking connection to vcsa, ?. A blocked port ?.

    Nor can it reach the skyline console through port 5480. I imagine it is because I have not finished the configuration completely.

    What else could you review to continue with the implementation.