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  • 1.  EMC Storage Viewer Plugin

    Posted Oct 16, 2009 02:19 AM

    I am considering using the EMC storage viewer plugin (really need a way to map the ESX datastores back to the LUNs on the Clariion). So far I have only briefly read through the release notes, but one part of the installation is confusing to me. The Solutions Enabler Server is a requirement. It also seems to require that the solutions enabler have access to a LUN or LUNs on the CX. Does the solutions enabler need to be zoned so that it can access all the same LUNs assigned to the ESX hosts? Or does it just need access to a LUN on the CX?

    On a related point, are there other ways to map the datastore to the LUN on a CX3-80?



  • 2.  RE: EMC Storage Viewer Plugin

    Posted Oct 20, 2009 01:37 PM

    No. Server with solutions enabler dosn't require zoning to luns of ESX servers. You have to have a Server with lincenced installation of solutions enabler and with access to storage arrays (server must see gatekeepers or LUNZ). For normal discovery of clariions with solutions enabler yours server have to be zoned to clariion. If you don't want to zone it you should use assisted discovery. Next. You must perform a discover of Symmetrix and clariion arrays. You should be familar with SE CLI.

    > C:\program files\emc\symcli\bin

    symcfg discover (to discover symmetrix devices)

    symcfg list (to list symmetrix devices and to check installation of SE)

    symcfg authorization add -host <ip adress of clariion SPA> -username <username on SP> -password <password for user>

    you should do that for every service procesor of clariion/s.


    symcfg discover -clariion

    symcfg list -clariion (to list clariions)

    Now you remote server with Solutions Enabler is ready to except connections from server with storage viewer.