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DRS Host affinity using generalized rules (not specific vm names)

  • 1.  DRS Host affinity using generalized rules (not specific vm names)

    Posted Oct 19, 2020 03:20 PM

    Hello All,

    I am implementing a Horizon 7 solution for a customer on a 7-node Nutanix cluster using automated VM generation (VMWare composer).

    Due to some of the client software licensing (not VMware), I am limited to running the agent VMs on only 2 hosts (license limited to 2 CPU's)

    Nutanix discourages breaking the physical clusters into separate vSphere clusters, and also for resource management purposes I want to allow other VMs in the cluster to run on these hosts.

    DRS affinity rules rely on VM groups that reference specific VMs, and I want to be able to manage these rule based on a search method (folder location, vm name, tag, etc.) in order to manage the hosts these agent run on so that the rules don't break when VMs are deleted/created by he Composer

    Has anyone out there done this before, or have suggestions for how to proceed?

    So far my only idea is creating a PowerCli script that runs occasionally to rebuild the DRS VM group(s), but it would be a significant amount of development and isn't an ideal solution (IMHO)

    Other relevant details:

         VMware Horizon 7.11

         VSphere 6.5

    Thanks in advance for your input.


    Philip Chonacky

    Solutions Architect


    50 Union St.

    Andover, MA  01810