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  • 1.  doubt about adding CPU and RAM to vAppliance

    Posted Jan 01, 2013 07:28 AM


    We bought a Panda Gate Defender Performa vApliance with 1000+ account, in its document, they advised to use ESX v4 and allocate 2x Intel(R) Dual-Core CPU 3.2GHz and 4GB RAM to it.

    now, there is an HP DL 380 with 16 GB ram here, I've deployed Panda OVF file and increased CPU to 4 vSocket and 2 core per socket, also its RAM changed to 8 GB, in both ESX v4 and ESXi v5, the problem is similar and obvious that by increasing the concurrent connections, CPU load stocks on 100% and the Internet flow gets slow. Am I did something wrong?

    bear mind that:

    1- we had a real appliance of Panda Performa which was on SUN hardware, it had been working fine even on 5000+ networks.

    2- I increased CPU and RAM before even starting it for first time and situation was the same.

    2.5- I reserved about 80% of those CPU and RAM for it and nothing changed.

    3- I'm sure there is no license problem.

    4- at the end of the business time which there is just few people in company, everything is fine and CPU never get up to 10%.

    5- Panda gate is based on Debian 2.6 and there is no root access for me.

    I've attached an image to this topic that shows the situation of this vAppliance in Vcenter.

    Any help is appreciated,


  • 2.  RE: doubt about adding CPU and RAM to vAppliance

    Posted Jan 01, 2013 09:44 AM

    Assigning too much resources to a single VM could result in less performance, depending on the available host resources. Although I don't know what type of CPUs you have in your host and also which workload the host currently handles, I'd suggest you lower the CPU assignment to e.g. 2 virtual Dual-Cores instead of 4 and remove all reservations, ... to see if this changes anything.