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Distributed switch Port Groups do not appear on host topology

  • 1.  Distributed switch Port Groups do not appear on host topology

    Posted Dec 16, 2019 09:28 PM

    I'm testing migration of VMs from an older cluster of 6.5 hosts to a new cluster of 6.7 ESXi hosts.  The environment is using a single distributed switch which currently is attached to all hosts, new and old.  Once we stood up the new hosts, I added them to the distributed switch with no issues, but I only see 2 VMKernel port groups on each of the new hosts and not the Virtual Machine port groups, and therefore cannot ping other VMs on our production network.

    I started with a dummy VM to test with which I powered off in the old host cluster, then migrated both compute resources and storage to the new hosts.  The VM was successfully migrated (storage and compute resources), and I was able to change the network adapter to a new port group which is also using the production network, then I was able to power it back up normally (even though the new hosts have different types CPUs).  When I spun up the OS, I could not ping it, though the network adapter shows as up on the VM and on the distributed switch in the Networking view in vCenter.  When I go to the host topology view, it only shows the 2 VMkernel port groups for vMotion and management, none of the others on the distributed switch.  I don't see any options to add VM Networking port groups to the host, only VMKernel port groups or physical NICs.  What am I missing?