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  • 1.  Device signature change

    Posted Jul 08, 2010 07:49 PM

    We have just put a new vsphere4 cluster. We have been running on a 3.5 cluster, with half the hosts on Update 1 and half on Update 5.

    The 3.5 cluster accesses Hitachi 9985 storage as well as some 6140 disks which the 9985 presents as external storage.

    For the migration process we were going to present all the storage to the Vsphere4 cluster of course. I had read some Tids on the Lun signature changes that started with Esx3.5 update5 I believe, in which the storage is now referenced by the naa deviceID. So I was a little worried about the signature changing. Vmware tech support assured me there would be no issue.

    Upon zoning out our first 6140 Lun so an esx host could see I see the device was recognized as HITACHIFibre Channnel Disk(naaxxxxxxxxx). Which was fine. However when I looked at what the esx3.5 update1 and update5 host see...it also sees the Lun as that new device. Previously the Device as listed as vmhba1:0:1:1.

    The Lun still seems to be recognized by the old 3.5 hosts both Update1 and Update5.

    So did it get resignatured by just having an esx4 host touch it?

    Could someone explain what happened and the ramifications please...I was under the impression that esx3.5 update1 could not use any Luns with the new naa signature.