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  • 1.  Dell Precision 7920 Tower IPMI capabilities

    Posted Jul 28, 2022 07:09 AM
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    Hello, I am unable to get system sensor details and wanted to know about compatibility and enabling them. I have installed ESXi 7.0 u3 (free) on a Dell Precision 7920 Tower running Intel Xeon ® Gold 6130 processor. How can I enable monitoring of temperature? Will lack of this monitoring by ESXi affect system life/performance? Or will the UEFI/BIOS increase fan speed as needed? What drivers do I need to install and how to get this to work?

    In the host monitor hardware system sensors show this alert. “This system has no IPMI capabilities, you may need to install a driver to enable sensor data to be retrieved.

    Thank you.

  • 2.  RE: Dell Precision 7920 Tower IPMI capabilities

    Posted Jul 28, 2022 08:30 AM



    As far as i know, this is a workstation grade machine, therefore it has no IDRAC/IPMI feature installed.

    Even though you can run ESXi on, this hardware is not on the ESXI supported hw list. Probably you can use this machine as only compute resource without benefits of a dedicated server hardware. Not knowing the cpu and system temperature has no effect on the performance/life. You just need to be careful to the assigned resources to the vms and not overprovisioning (too much)

    If you decide to move to hosted virtualization (like WIN/LNX + VMware Workstation) then you can use third party monitoring tools like CoreTemp or others.

    I'm also using a Dell 7810 for homelab with WIn10+Workstation, and it works well. The vents speeds up when necessary.