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  • 1.  Creating vSAN

    Posted Sep 23, 2021 09:10 AM

    Hello everyone, i having little trouble creating vSAN. When i come to the point in vsphere client where i need to add physical drives to vSAN it doesn't show any. Basically none are available. So I have three DELL EMC machines and each only has single hard disk. I installed ESXi 7 on each of them, and on one of them i installed vCenter Server as well. Allocated 50 GB from each and created virtual machine to install windows server 2019 on each machine. ( Though i don't think this has impact on it)Now when i access ESXi 7 web interfaces on each i can see 1 datastore of nearly 1 TB capacity and they all VMFS6 type. So is it possible some how to create SSD and HDD disks required for vSAN from those datastores, or do i have to buy separate hard disks for each machine to be able to create vSAN? Thank you for you time and help.

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    Posted Sep 23, 2021 09:21 AM


    You must purchase additional disks for both the cache (at least one SSD ) and the capacitive part (at least one SSD o HDD)

    this link has the details of the requirements






  • 3.  RE: Creating vSAN

    Posted Oct 06, 2021 08:28 PM

    Don't install ESXi on a HDD. Use a USB or flash drive, if the server will support one. Certainly a Dell r730 and a similar HP DL380 has a nice SD flash arrangement. 

    You assign entire physical disks to the VSAN, not fractions  or partitions of a physical disk.