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  • 1.  Create 2Tb datastore

    Posted May 21, 2016 12:54 PM

    Whether I create a datastore on my 2Tb WD-Red HDD from the Vsphere webclient or the Vsphere client, I end up with a datastore which is much smaller.

    I just created a datstore on this disk, using the "full disk" option in the Vsphere webclient. Then I try to install Ubuntu server and during install the Ubuntu setup sees 17,2 Gb and offers to use that. No 2 Tb or something in that range.

    I see that with the former VMFS3 one could set the block size to 8Mb. With ESXi 6 that isn't possible anymore; one has to use VMFS5 with a fixed block size of 1Mb.

    Evidently I am missing something, but what????

    NB: I use the HP-branded ESXi 6 update 2 on a Proliant microserver with 8Gb RAM. It is the free license I use (fresh). The disks are each in RAID0

  • 2.  RE: Create 2Tb datastore

    Posted May 21, 2016 10:03 PM

    When you say the Ubuntu setup sees 17.2Gb is that the OS install?  When initially creating the Virtual Machine what size disks did you specify during the New VM wizard?

    Block size is fixed at 1MB with VMFS5 you are correct, however in the latest releases this doesn't limit the disk size up the maximum of 62TB if memory serves.





  • 3.  RE: Create 2Tb datastore

    Posted May 22, 2016 04:57 PM

    I funally succeeded in being able to use the 2Tb hdd. In the Vsphere client I added this hdd as a new harddisk/datastore to an existing Ubuntu 14.04 VM, as an eagerly zeroed thick disk.

    Before that I had tried, while there were no data stores on it, to add it as a new harddisk/datastore (thin) from the webclient. At that point it wanted only to make it 17,2Gb. In the Vsphere client idem. Maybe they got confused by something?

    However, thanks for your reply!