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CPU & Memory Hot-add still decreasing performance?

  • 1.  CPU & Memory Hot-add still decreasing performance?

    Posted Nov 04, 2016 04:19 PM

    Is this still an issue? Trying to find any new information but only finding old posts about it. According to this KB vNUMA is disabled if VCPU hotplug is enabled (2040375) | VMware KB‌ you loosing vNUMA possibilites if CPU Hot-add is enabled but correct me if I'm wrong, vNUMA is most useful with 8 vCPU or more and therefor it shouldn't be any problem with smaller VMs. And I'm guessing thats why Racksapce and other hosters allowing hot-add up to X number of vCPU.

    Found some info from Denneman, yellowbricks etc, but they from 2013 and back.

    Does anyone have any newer information?, and is't a difference between Memory Hot-add vs, CPU Hot-add?