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Copying Explicit permissions to new vCenter

  • 1.  Copying Explicit permissions to new vCenter

    Posted Jul 22, 2022 03:50 AM

    I am currently working on preparation for a migration of ESX Clusters to a new v7 vcenter.

    I am working on getting as much of the configuration in place on the new vCenter before the hosts are migrated. I have in place already the VM folders, vDS, Datastore clusters, ESX Clusters etc.

    I firstly run a script against the old vcenter which collects all of the explicit permissions into an XML file.

    I then have another script that applies those permissions on the new vCenter. The script is attached.

    The script does generate errrors when it tries to apply a permission to an object that does not exists. For example for a VM or Host that has not been migrated to the new vcenter yet. The plan was to be able to look at the transcript to look for errors.

    However, I getting a lot of errors like in the second file attached.

    The permission has been applied correctly. I do not know if there error is because the permission is already there when I run the script again. This error is cluttering up the transcript and would like for it not to appear. Note that I am connected to the vcenter server, despite what the error says. I have changed the name in the attached file