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  • 1.  Content library item delete issue

    Posted Aug 14, 2018 10:06 AM


    We configured on a vSphere vCenter 6.7 a syncing content library on a DC1 using a content library with 5 VMs on a DC2 imported using Clonetocontentlibrary.  The sync completed the first vm however the others we not successfully synced ("?"-symbol on VM) . The task freezed at 3%. Cancelling the task was processed. However retrigger the sync freezes at 0%.

    We tried to delete the target contentlibrary. Therefore the sync was stopped. However each cleanup throws Any idea how to cleanup the content library successfully ?

  • 2.  RE: Content library item delete issue

    Posted Aug 14, 2018 11:17 AM

    Please confirm if you have followed below steps :


    Required privilege: Content library > Delete subscribed library or Content library > Delete local library on the type of library you want to delete.


    1. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select vCenter Inventory Lists > Content Libraries.
    2. Right-click a content library from the list and select Delete.
    3. In the Delete library confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


    The content library and all its contents are deleted.

    This could have been saved in VC DB , check out below link :

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  • 3.  RE: Content library item delete issue
    Best Answer

    Posted Aug 14, 2018 07:32 PM

    Most likely a stale entry in VCDB .

    To resolve this issue delete stale entry from VCDB after backing up VCDB.

    1. Take a backup of the VCDB from vCenter Appliance or vCenter server and snapshot of vCenter VM.
    2. Log in to the vCenter server database and execute the following queries to capture the details for the content library.

               - VCDB=# select id,name from cl_library;
                id | name
                8bc3326e-3a0b-49e6-9be0-acb18b91d4b2 | Test
                3b4280d3-b878-4428-85d0-867cb8252e66 | Stale

               - VCDB=# select * from cl_library_storage;
               library_id | storage_id
               8bc3326e-3a0b-49e6-9be0-acb18b91d4b2 | ff3f7160-0731-4d01-9cc0-a2cce03ab3ce
               3b4280d3-b878-4428-85d0-867cb8252e66 | 1325cd29-0b3e-4be4-8445-625da0dce452
               (2 rows)

               - VCDB=# select * from cl_storage;
               id | storageuri | type
               ff3f7160-0731-4d01-9cc0-a2cce03ab3ce | Datastore:datastore-11:f271f3f1-a924-4519-a3f5-e9a75d962888 | Datastore
               1325cd29-0b3e-4be4-8445-625da0dce452 | Datastore:datastore-11:f271f3f1-a924-4519-a3f5-e9a75d962888 | Datastore
               (2 rows)

              - VCDB=# select id,name from vpx_datastore where id=11;
              id | name
             11 | DS1
             (1 row)

    Note: As per the snippets above, we see the id for the library is "3b4280d3-b878-4428-85d0-867cb8252e66". The storage id for the same library is "1325cd29-0b3e-4be4-8445-625da0dce452". When we check the location, we see that the library is saved in the datastore with id "11" (Datastore:datastore-11:f271f3f1-a924-4519-a3f5-e9a75d962888) We can get the datastore name from the datastore table, which is "DS1" here.

    To remove stale entry follow below order.

    VCDB=# delete from cl_library_storage where library_id='3b4280d3-b878-4428-85d0-867cb8252e66';
    VCDB=# delete from cl_storage where id='1325cd29-0b3e-4be4-8445-625da0dce452';
    VCDB=# delete from cl_library where id='3b4280d3-b878-4428-85d0-867cb8252e66';

    The output for each of the above command would return "DELETE 1",Once deleted, we can log in to the web client.

  • 4.  RE: Content library item delete issue

    Posted Aug 15, 2018 10:05 AM


    The procedure works!

    However no idea why the gui klicks didn't work. tail -f /var/log/vmware/content-library/cls.log didn't throw anything obvious (?), saved the cls-xx.log.gz just in case.

    I've recreating a new content library and the sync started as expected.