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  • 1.  Changing IP address of ESX Server in a new subnet

    Posted Mar 24, 2011 06:19 PM

    just a question on changing ip of esx 4.0 server.  I have an esx server with 6 nics, it is currently in subnet A with IP A1.  It has one virtual machine group and a service console which is in one vswitch 0.  The primary DNS server  is in subnet A with IP A2.  The secondary DNS is in at our data centre called it IP B1 in subnet B.  The gateway is also in subnet A with IP A3

    We know want to move our esx server to a new office which will has a new subnet C, so the esx server will have a IP C1.  So just to confirm, to change the IP of the esx server the steps would be :

    Before I disconnect the server from the old office i will create a new service console 2 in a new vswitch1, and give it IP from subnet C which will be IP C1.  I will then move one of vnics say vnic1 from vswitch 0 to vswitch1.  Leave the DNS and gateway as it is, as the new office can connect to the data centre as well and therefore use the secondary DNS as there DNS server.

    Then disconnect the server and move it to the new building and then connect vnic1 to the network in subnet C in the new building only.  Then I should be able to access the esx from IP c1.   Then via the console  and using esxcfg i can change the ip of vswif0 which is the original service console to an IP in subnet C, and test access.  Then change primary DNS and gateway to subnet C.  Then i can delete service console 2 and vswitch1.

    Does these steps seem correct.

  • 2.  RE: Changing IP address of ESX Server in a new subnet

    Posted Mar 24, 2011 06:52 PM

    That sounds like it sould work but you really do not need to set up a new service console port - just move the ESX host and when it come up in the new site use the console and esxcfg commands to change the IP information and edit resolv.conf to point to the new DNS server