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  • 1.  Cannot start Hyperic Agent in CentOS

    Posted Nov 06, 2015 08:22 AM

    Dear all,

    I'm installing the Hyperic Agent into a CentOS 6.6 box. When I try to start the agent by start command, it gave me the following error:

    [root@fbdlvmtool12 bin]# ./ start

    Starting HQ Agent...... running (3462).

    Error: /tmp/agent.encrypt.lock is locked. can't continue.

    org.hyperic.hq.agent.AgentConfigException: /tmp/agent.encrypt.lock is locked. can't continue.

            at org.hyperic.hq.agent.AgentConfig.ensurePropertiesEncryption(

            at org.hyperic.hq.bizapp.agent.client.AgentClient.ensurePropertiesEncryption(

            at org.hyperic.hq.bizapp.agent.client.AgentClient.initializeAgent(

            at org.hyperic.hq.bizapp.agent.client.AgentClient.main(

    However I cannot see there is any file in the address  /tmp/agent.encrypt.lock

    Any suggestions how what maybe the cause and how to troubleshoot this error?



  • 2.  RE: Cannot start Hyperic Agent in CentOS

    Posted Feb 02, 2016 08:53 PM

    We ran into the same issue on but it turned out /etc/resolv.conf was wrong so DNS wasn't working and so it wasn't able to resolve the fqdn in After DNS was fixed, the agent started without issue.