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  • 1.  Cannot save changes to configuration on vCenter Server Appliance

    Posted Apr 05, 2022 06:11 PM
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    We are in the process of changing the network setup within our organization by creating new domain controller VMs to replace our current DCs.

    As of now we have the original and current primary DC and its backup, along with the intended new primary DC and its backup all online and connected. Our goal is ultimately to promote the new DCs to primary/secondary and decommission the old DCs entirely.

    We have attempted to update the settings within our VMWare environment to reflect the new DCs as the source of DNS information, but we have run into an issue.

    This is the process we followed:

    1. Login to vSphere Client with Administrator@vsphere.local account.
    2. Under Menu, go to Administration.
    3. Under Administration, click on System Configuration.
    4. Expand the node to which we are connected.
    5. Click LOGIN button next to Appliance Management.
    6. Login to the appliance with administrator@vsphere.local.
    7. In the appliance management interface, click Networking.
    8. Click “Edit” on Network Settings.
    9. Under Edit Network Settings, click Next on Select Network Adapter. No changes needed here.
    10. On Edit Settings, expand the Hostname and DNS section.
    11. Edit the DNS settings by adding the new DCs as DNS servers while removing the old DCs. Click Next.
    12. Enter password for administrator@vsphere.local account.

    This is where we run into trouble. After entering the password for the admin account, the Next button stays greyed out, so the changes can’t be saved. The username can’t be changed to try another account.

    We are not sure what the issue is, or how to proceed from here.

  • 2.  RE: Cannot save changes to configuration on vCenter Server Appliance

    Posted Apr 05, 2022 06:24 PM


    This is normal, in the username zone you must enter the administrator account. The gray writing in the username field just tells you the account to enter

  • 3.  RE: Cannot save changes to configuration on vCenter Server Appliance

    Posted Apr 05, 2022 07:42 PM

    Oh, for... Seriously? Now I feel like a total idiot.

    Thank you for this. It is genuinely appreciated.

    Of course, now on the next step to finalize I get a very strident warning that changing the DNS settings "will result in downtime of your vCenter Server Appliance and can take some time before it is up and running again."

    This seems to clearly indicate that I need to wait until non-work hours to make this change without shutting down, well, our whole organization. Do I have that right?

    There are also several new steps presented after this warning that I don't even know if they are relevant to our environment.

    "After network settings have been reconfigured and your vCenter Server Appliance is up and running, additional actions will be required.

    1. All deployed plug-ins will need to be re-registered.
    2. All custom certificates will need to be regenerated.
    3. vCenter HA will need to be reconfigured.
    4. Hybrid Link with Cloud vCenter server has to be recreated.
    5. Active Directory will need to be rejoined."

    Any additional info you have on the above would also be appreciated.

  • 4.  RE: Cannot save changes to configuration on vCenter Server Appliance

    Posted Apr 05, 2022 08:13 PM


    Indeed it can take a little time, I think between 5 to 10 min maximum, the time that we can estimate for the restart of the services of the appliance. But it doesn't impact your vms in any way, so I would tend to do it very early in the morning, or during work hours outside of backup hours, so of course you don't have any other services polling your vCenter
    For the other points I have no idea.