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Cannot add host to VCentre

  • 1.  Cannot add host to VCentre

    Posted May 16, 2024 08:54 AM

    I am getting the error  The host <name> is already connected to this vCenter Server. The hosts was removed and its' management IP changed.

    I have restarted management agents and looked through logs

    2024-05-15T16:18:32.307Z Wa(164) Vpxa[2127602]: [Originator@6876 sub=Heartbeat opID=SWI-52e2c51c] Failed to bind heartbeat socket; '1<ipaddress> ', e: 99(Cannot assign requested address)

    The IP address had been misconfigured as a duplicate to another Host and I see

    I have tried changed the IP address however in the ESXi logs I can see the misconfigured IP address. 

    The internet has yielded an answer to delete the vxpa user however the location of vxpa.cfg on ESXi 8.0 is not the same as previous versions and struggling to find the issue while Broadcom migrate the forums and our accounts and entitlements as I would wipe the box. 

    Any help will be appreciated!