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bizzare accidental load balance

  • 1.  bizzare accidental load balance

    Posted Jul 16, 2009 09:21 PM

    Here is something bizzare that we ran across that I need some help on. We have 2 ESXi servers, with two identical instances of an ubuntu apache web server, serving PHP pages. The instances are just stored on one or the other, in case the other fails. Both boxes are located within the same building, but on different switches. Another external server occasionally makes a call (using the full dns path.... to this server and grabs a webpage with data. Nothing too complicated.

    This morning we accidentally had both instances of the web server running, using the same IP address. What is strange is that now the two instances are seemingly "load balanced" in a very poor mans way. Calls to "" now get delivered to either one of those boxes almost completely evenly.

    Since only one server calls this other webserver, I would think that it would have only established one route to the ESXi box. Can any shed any light on this?