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Best configuration for vSwitch four vNIC

  • 1.  Best configuration for vSwitch four vNIC

    Posted Dec 02, 2020 02:28 AM


    i have two esxi 6.7 vsphere connected to a SAS storage.

    These servers have four 1Gbps vNICs.

    my network is not L3.

    I have a few networks (192.168.x.x) one for each role.

    Example: is for server group A is for server group B is for C server group

    I will install these two vsphere esxi 6.7 on a new network (

    And then I wondered ...

    Create a vSwitch with the four 1Gbps vNICs

    Is it worth creating a network for vMonitor for example ( Or better to use vMonitor on the network too (

    Is it better to separate two vNIC (Managment and VM Network) for network ( and two (vMotion) vNIC for (

    Or can I create a single vSwitch with the four vNICs with two vKernel both (Managment, VM Network and vMotion) on the network (