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  • 1.  Automated Server provisioning failed

    Posted Mar 24, 2023 11:43 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    Automating server provisioning failed with this reason


    Extensibility triggered task failed. Event ID: 1cf0ad6c-518c-3fb7-903e-0b025582c157. Failure: Extensibility error received for topic, eventId = '1cf0ad6c-518c-3fb7-903e-0b025582c157': [10040] SubscriberID: vro-gateway-kGReCvWyuiIw7IdH, RunnableID: 306720e7-5994-4a24-9639-8b89b9f48660 and SubscriptionID: sub_1605609211183 failed with the following error: Workflow run [68369e69-c69b-4c00-bee7-4e563149a0e3] completed with error [Cannot determine what exception to throw. 'Exception binding' is empty.]


    kindly give right way help in this error.

    need fix asap.



  • 2.  RE: Automated Server provisioning failed

    Posted Mar 25, 2023 01:20 PM

    Hello ,

    Can you validate the EBS subscription which is applied on cloud template to run at stage "" ( vRO workflow or ABX action if its working fine ).sub_1605609211183.

    Also on the vRO check for this Workflow run [68369e69-c69b-4c00-bee7-4e563149a0e3] as to why this workflow had failed.