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Another Off-site Backup Idea

  • 1.  Another Off-site Backup Idea

    Posted Mar 08, 2011 12:48 AM

    I'm thinking about the following plan to get off-site backups of our complete vSphere.  We have two vSphere hosts connected via direct attached storage (DAS) to an IBM DS3524 with ~1.5TB datastore, roughly 500GB of data.

    I've been playing with vDR  but it seems a little flakey, is limited to working within my datastores and creates huge monolithic files.  With DAS, I don't have easy access to the files and getting at them with FastSCP was anything BUT fast since I had to grab the whole 500GB each copy, with vDR not creating incremental files.
    I've read the threads on directly attaching the USB drives and running the backups straight to them, but it too looks complex and prone to issues.  I like the speed of internal RAID arrays for my primary on-site backups.
    So now I'm thinking of building a VM with a second mounted disk of ~500GB.  Then getting Veeam Backup because it can put incremental backup chunks onto that disk.  Then I can use my Retrospect backup software within that VM to sync any new data onto USB drives. I'm seeing some secure, either password or biometric, AES-256 2.5" drives which look good in the 500GB+ capacity.
    I just wanted to run this through the collective brain here to see if I'm missing anything: roadblocks, stupidities, gotchas, better ideas.  Thoughts?  Much appreciated.
    Come to think of it, I'm not sure about mounting/unmounting the USB disks....  Hmph - I'd want this to be so easy, my staff could do it without having to log into a machine.  I guess that's the beauty of taps.  Sorry for the new thread - clearly I'm not the only one grappling with this.