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Adding RDM disk failed with reaaly strange reason ...

  • 1.  Adding RDM disk failed with reaaly strange reason ...

    Posted Mar 25, 2022 03:27 PM


    I have to add New RDM disks (4) to a VM. I created//prepared them  at the disk array Level. then I tried to add // attached them via the vCenter to the VM.

    1st disk added: OK, Able to add it (SCSI 2:6)

    Second disk added: NOK , (SCSI 2:8) ==> unable to add it . Operation fails with a reason not at all correlated with reality ("Unable to complete operation due to concurrent modification by another operation "). Nothing was done in Parallel.
    As these are RDM disks (LUN presented directly to the VM), when I wanted to retry this operation, the disk that I prepared on the disk Array and selected for this last configuration, no longer appears as a candidate disks, and it was not created at the VM level.

    How can I release the disk at VMware level ? to be able to see it as a candidate ?

    VMWare vsphere 6.0.

    Thanks for your help // cooperation