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Add trunking and VLAN IDs to a network with no VLAN tagging set

  • 1.  Add trunking and VLAN IDs to a network with no VLAN tagging set

    Posted Apr 09, 2010 01:55 AM


    I currently have a 3 host cluster VSphere 4 ESXi with two vswitches. vSwitch0 has the VM network and the service console. vSwitch1 is for vMotion. I would like to enable VLAN trunking at physical Cisco Switch Port and then set vSwitch0 to VLAN ID 17.

    My question is how do I go about this properly?

    Can you change all the physical ports to Trunk without loss of network connectivity for the VMs?

    What happens when all the three hosts vSwitch0 NICs are set to Trunk and there is no VLAN ID set in VLAN ID at the Port Group Properties?

    What happens you set the Port Group VLAN ID?

    I am guessing you stick a host in maintenance mode (to get all the vms off via DRS). Change the physical NIC (which are part of the VM Network) ports to Trunk mode, add allowed VLANs and because the service console is on the same network probably best to do this from the physical console.

    Then on the same host add in the VLAN IDs required into the Port Group. vMotion one test box back to new configured host to check network connectivity and if that works repeat on the other hosts.

    Is this right way?