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Accessing ESXi from a Remote Network

  • 1.  Accessing ESXi from a Remote Network

    Posted Apr 01, 2020 12:03 PM

    Hi all,

    With the current climate and COVID-19 I just wanted to document an issue I had and a workaround as I presume more and more people are currently working from home.

    We, as a small business, have ESXi installed on a physical machine at our business premises. I am responsible for our IT network and today I had a call regarding a issue with one of the VM's, I connected to our VPN and was able to ping the ESXi host but couldn't access it via the client or web browser. The only way I had of connecting to it was through remote desktop to an on-site computer and accessing it through a web browser.

    Our network config is as follows:

    Business PremisesHome Premises
    VPN Network

    I can access other servers on the business network so I knew it must be an issue with the ESXi server, rather than the network config.

    It was fixed by logging into the ESXi host via SSH and running the following command:

    esxcli network ip route ipv4 add -g -n

    and after this, I could connect via the client and web browser from my home PC. I hope this helps!