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  • Hi, you can always check the datastore usage space within monitor-performance view for disk usage in vcenter. If you suspect snapshot being the issue then you should be able to see the percentage usage of snapshot on that datastore as proof to your ...

  • perennially reserved normally should be configure before configuring clustered vmdk datastore; but can also be configured later if you have missed that steps or was not aware of it. This should not cause any outage or production down concern.

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    hello expert! if anyone is using HuaWei oceanstor - Dorado 6000 and working with vsphere 7.3. if it ...

  • Storage vMotion

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    Good day all, I have two different SAN storage (i.e., Dell & HPE) to the cluster managed by single vCenter. ...

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    Hi everyone, I would know if is it possible to see informations about data reduction (compression and deduplication) directly on vphere clients, I mean...I know it is possible with vsan, but I would know if also VASA plugin (from Dell/Pure/HPE for example) ...

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    I have a problem running HCI Bench in my vSAN environment. I configured the entire HCI Bench, the network part is ok and tested, the configuration is validated. When I run the test it stops at this screen below. It's been over 5 hours like this. I already ...