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  • NSX Operation Design Guide

    This document highlights the new features and enhancement between NSX 3.0 and 3.2.

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  • You do NOT need to register the vCenters in your GM. The vCenter talks to the LM, not the GM (and LM talks to vCenter; it's a bi-directional communication). Then GM talks to LM (bi-directional communication too). There is no need for GM to know ...

  • Thanks, much appreciated!! On Sat, Jul 13, 2024 at 12:04 PM Dimitri Desmidt via Broadcom < Mail@broadcom.com> wrote: > Hello, A minor comment first. An Edge Node is neither active nor standby. > An Edge Node hosts T0 (max 1) + T1 (can be many). On that... ...

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    RE: VMware NSX Edge Node Deployment Stuck at Node Not ...

    Is it possible you modified the Edge Node configuration directly in vCenter (like Edge vNIC poort group attached)? Also do ...

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    VMware NSX Edge Node Deployment Stuck at Node Not ...

    Hi All, I am trying to add new nsx edge node vm to my existing cluster but upon the deployment, the node node status ...

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  • MTU in NSX

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    The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the size of the largest frame/packet an interface can receive ...

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    Hi There We have a switch that is no longer required. The switch is configured as part of the Transport Node Profile. How do I remove this switch from the TPN and if it is a case of simply delete it from the TPN will that result in the switch being ...

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    Most HIT rules

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    Hi Team, how to check most hit rules in application category?

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  • Here is one NSX Multisite demo focused on Disaster Recovery . Enjoy. Dimitri Note: There are also multiple demos embedded in the NSX Multisite 101 ToI (at the end after the "Key Takeaways" section).

  • This NSX-T LB Encyclopedia document goes over all the Configuration and Management questions you may have on NSX-T LB and much more! It lists all NSX-T LB capabilities (LB Deployment, Monitor, Server Pool, L4 VIP, L7-HTTP VIP, L7-HTTPS VIP, LB Rules, ...