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  • It is my understanding that you can share an NSX Manager instance between multiple VI workload domains by setting it as shared when you create a new domain. However, you cannot share an NSX Manager instance between a VI workload domain and the management ...

  • in the same boat, no entitlements showing in broadcom portal support is asking I provide EA- Entitlement Account or active contract number...which was all listed in the vmware portal which they migrated?!? :facepalm:

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  • django's profile image

    still see no entitlements + error message case management ...

    hello can anybody have , even after official migration have ended (on 6.5.2024) , same troubles than i have: still see no entitlements ...

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  • Question can a customer mix and match BOYL windows with SPLA on VMware running on azure? Answer

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  • Dear Team, We are planning to patch ESXi Host from ESXi 7.0 P06 version to ESXi 7.0 P09 version. Please find the version details below VCF : 4.5.2 VC : ESXi :- 7.0.3-20842708 SDCC manager : NSX Management Cluster : ...

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    VMware Carbon Black

    Does VMware Carbon Black have any technical requirements for storage devices? All the information seems to show is that the operating system is its constraints.