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  • Same ... automatic approval of access to lic/download after 3 days... Call/Phone/Ticket.... since 1 month without reply

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    RE: VMWare licensing M1

    All rights of interpretation belong to the official, hahahahahaha

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    RE: BSOD Windows 11 ISO

    Seems to have sorted itself out

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    RE: BSOD Windows 11 ISO

    Please go into the VM settings and in Display, uncheck "Accelerate 3D Graphics", and see if that resolves the issue.

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  • BSOD Windows 11 ISO

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  • Anyone have an issue on a server 2022 template with efi firmware, cust spec does not work? same template bios firmware kicks off no issue. set it back to efi and deploy a new vm from it, vm creates and just sits there. OS customization task appears ...

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    Bad Sectors on VMDK

    We had a single drive fail in an array. Replaced the drive and rebuilt the array. The issue is after the rebuild we are getting bad sector events in the virtual servers, D drive which has a majority of the data on it. The backup manufacturer took about ...